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I know nothing about music…
… but I want to play the piano. Fair enough. Must adults have picked up enough music reading basics in their past to start right away with our courseware. If you can name the notes on a piano keyboard and can read a little “Every Good Boy Does Fine” music notation, you’re ready for the next step. Congratulations!

Otherwise click here to see your options.

I Have Some Musical Background…
… but it’s all classical. I want to learn to play like the pros do. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got a few beginning programs to get you started. Take your pick. Pop piano or blues. Either way, it’s a fast, fun, and effective way to get started. Warning: You won’t want to stop. Click here to get going right away.

I'm Already a Chord Playing Veteran at the Piano…
… but I want to learn more, and I want to play better. Just what are those carefully guarded secrets the pros use? Click here to find out.

I Want to See Your Complete Catalog…
… so let me in. Click here to browse away.


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