Testimonials for Marc Doiron



“Marc is a dynamic teacher! His enthusiasm was wonderful. His talent is very obvious. What a great class!”

“Instructor was very easy to understand. Enjoyed it immensely.”

“Good-would be interested to attend another class by this teacher.”

“Well worth the money to learn and understand what I always wondered about.”

“Great class, informative and enjoyable.”

“This class was logically presented and a lot of fun.”

“Marc is energetic and refreshing. The instruction and information is clear. I only wish we could of heard Marc play more for us!”

“Thank you for a new perspective-very enlightening.”

“Great class. Now I hope to go home to put these great tips to good use. Thank you.”

“Thanks! Loved the course. This will help me in understanding music and working with my son on guitar.”

“I thought it was great, he gave us his email if we want/need to ask a question.”

“Really learned about chords-Never understood how to determine the 12 major-minor chords.”

“I really feel like I could go home and teach myself how to play from this class.”

“I really enjoyed the class-much better than three months of lessons to learn the same.”

“Excellent in all categories - and I rarely complete a survey giving much better than ‘good,’ and good to me is quite good.”

“I enjoyed this approach and examples.”

“Very helpful. Thank you!”

“I wish I had learned this method 30 years ago.”

“Excellent class and instructor!”

“Makes me want to go home and get started playing. Lots of information.”

“Very informative. Easy to learn- learned tremendous amount of info, but was not overwhelming. Definitely recommend for others.”

“Well worth the time. Learned some very effective techniques in figuring out chords.”

“I really enjoyed the class and would be interested in other classes.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the class. Thank you! This was the missing link I needed.”

“The Circle of Fifths and other patterns were worth the price of admission!”

“Loved your use of our names, very personal-Thank you! Really enjoyed your use of humor.”

“This was an excellent class. I can't wait to go home and play the piano. Excellent job! Kept my interest the entire 3.5 hours!”

“Very interesting and Marc was exceptionally patient.”

“Very astute instructor.”

“Instructor added humor to keep attention up. Instructor very knowledgeable and presented material very clearly.”

“Class was very enjoyable. Marc was an excellent teacher. He kept the class extremely interesting.”

“Cheery and optimistic teacher.”

“Marc was great. Very knowledgeable and very professional! He answered all questions. He didn't try to hurry us.”

“Marc is an excellent instructor. He made the class interesting and enjoyable. I would enjoy taking another class.”

“Instructor used humor to maintain attention. Instructor explained concepts very clearly.”

“Great class. Well organized. Great instructor!”

“Very enjoyable and encouraging.”

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