Testimonials from Carol Faust's Workshop Students

These are student comments selected from course evaluations that were distributed in Carol's piano workshops.

"This was fantastic!"

"Wow -- I've waited for this it seems a lifetime (almost 50)!"

"It was fun -- I'll be back!"

"I've taken piano off and on for many years and this was the first time it made sense."

"Outstanding. She insured we understood before moving on. Better than I had hoped for -- truly motivating."

"She simplified things so I'm sure I'll be successful. She explained things multiple ways and showed by example."

"She's clearly experienced and excited about teaching the subject."

"I really like her materials which are easy to understand and believe in."

"The strong point of the course was building confidence in our ability."

"The instructor simplified the chords for me in a major way. I had taken lessons for 5 years and did not understand how chords worked. NOW I do! Very articulate."

"Perfect. Couldn't be better."

"If I'd had her for a teacher 20 years ago, I probably would have hung in there."

"Friendly, personable, comfortable, course clear, easy, non-stressful."

"Fabulous! Great fun and most enlightening and helpful. I loved it."

"Strong points were her enthusiasm and ability to break down confusion."

"Excellent -- encouraging to those of us who have little background."

"The best thing I have done for myself this year was to come to your class."

"This was a fabulous course. I took piano for over 10 years and can play classical music, but never learned how to chord."

"The three-hour lesson went by like a half hour. You gave me the insight and the courage to try all kinds of tunes that come into my head."

"I've enjoyed so much the permission to do things that aren't written down, to do my own thing. Music is very important in my life and this today will make it even more exciting. Thanks again."

"I've actually been practicing!! I'm amazed that 2 hours pass (unlike my childhood days of dreaded 1/2 hour practice daily) and I want to go on and on.

"Thank you for taking the harshness out of learning and putting joy into it. I had piano lessons and theory for over 5 years and up 'till now, could not sit down and play the piano. I'm excited. Thank you so much."


About the Blues class: "Most enjoyable course at the end of the day. You know you have accomplished something [playing music]."


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