Testimonials from Robert Laughlin's Workshop Students



March, 1999

I just wanted to let you know what a great time I had in your seminar on Saturday. I know you have given this seminar thousands of times, so I especially appreciated your enthusiasm and humor. I have been playing for about 6 months (since we bought a piano for my 7 y/o daughter to play). I have taken occasional lessons from my daughter's teacher, who is classically trained. I really enjoyed learning about chord theory and getting to see the relationships between chords and various keys. I had always dreaded learning chords, presuming that one just had to memorize all these different chords. After seeing the fingering patterns and relationships it doesn't seem quite so difficult. In fact I've already memorized the 12 major chords and can play them ascending and descending (but only with my left hand and with my eyes open, so far).   Thank you again for sharing your passion with us. I am hoping that I will be able to attend your course on the "blues" in San Mateo in May.   Sincerely,
Carl Otto, College of Marin, 3/6/99


This is probably the most valuable and informative course I have taken of any kind!! I learned more in one evening than I learned in years of musical training. This classs is no less than amazing!! I'm taking the follow-up blues class. Robert is an amazing instructor. The class was also great fun!!
Bill Bernstein, College of San Mateo, 3/5/99


Student comments from past workshops

"Excellent. Can't be improved."

"This one afternoon course provided me with valuable and practical information. More than I expected!"

"I enjoyed every minute of class - worth every $!!"

"I have been wanting to take such a course for years. I thought I might have to take a full semester music theory course, but this class filled the bill nicely.

"I've been looking for a class like this for twenty years."

"Makes complicated theory simple. Unlocks the door to ancient 'secrets'"

"I was very surprised at how much I learned in 3 1/2 hours. In my years of piano lessons I never learned these invaluable techniques."

"I learned more in 3 1/2 hours than I have in 10 years."

"Breaks down traditional barriers!!"

"Had I been taught this method 40 years ago, I'd be a brilliant musician today."

"Excellent approach to de-mystifying music."

"Great class. Learned more in one session than in a year of lessons."

"A great way to have fun while learning."

"Excellent! Underpriced."

"Taught me how to play music on the piano, not just how to read music. Showed me how the professionals do it. It's not that difficult."

"I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun with the piano."

"Whole new way of thinking for me regarding music."

"An excellent course in piano playing. Have learned more in 3 1/2 hours than 2 years of music lessons."

"This is one of the best courses I have ever taken and this includes my Stanford undergraduate degree course work and my Masters degree. Thank you."

"Learned more in 3 1/2 hours than in the last ten years."

"I liked the fact that I could work at my own pace, and still feel a sense of success."

"Simplicity is the key to the success of this course."

"Very well organized and humorous."

"I feel excited to work with these concepts."

"Very enjoyable!"

"Lots of fun!"

"More than met my expectations!"

"Teaching techniques absolutely effective for my level of knowledge."

"Dynamite! Impressive oraganization and distillation of course content."

"Sure enjoyed the humor and light heartedness of the presentation."

"The most delightful class I have taken in a long time! I have been looking for a piano class like this for years ! Very helpful to my playing situation."

"Great wealth of immediately useful information!"

"Excellent! Best music theory I've ever had."

"I think the course was excellent - I wish I had learned this 35 years ago."

"Great! I'm very excited about this."

"Fabulous!! Just what I was looking for...for years!"

"Outstanding, answer to a prayer!

"Excellent. Best course I've ever taken."

"I learned more in this one course than all my music lessons. I was very satisfied."

"I started out thinking, 'Oh boy, I'll never learn this approach even though music is my best subject'; but it got better & better."

"Great course. Extremely well organized.

"Simplifies what most piano teachers complicate."

"I've been looking to learn this approach to music for the longest time, but couldn't find anyone willing to teach it. Greatly appreciate it."

"Most helpful for my particular needs. I have an erratic background and never learned the logic of chords. This is just what I need!"

"Simplicity of presentation - easy application to any music of my choice."

"Excellent. Highly recommend it to other interested people."

"Clear, concise, and humorous."

"Practical and common sensical."

"Everything is broken down very well into basic, and easy to understand principles."

"Thanks for taking the fear and confusion out and for helping me to know that I can play."

"Simplifies complicated material."

"Very clear."

"Articulate and knowledgeable."

"Piano facts, Not fiction."

"Simple-well thought out principles."

"Excellent instruction."

"Really enjoyable-just what I've been looking for since purchasing my electronic piano."

"I have learned the simple steps to piano playing."

"I really enjoyed this class."

"This was an excellent course."

"This is absolutely one of the most outstanding courses I have taken."

"This was an entire college course in one night - and I understood it!!"

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