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We don't have sales very often. And when we do have them, they don't last very long. But here it is the Christmas season once again, so it seems like a good time to call attention to our Christmas Carol package by putting it on sale.

And I'll cut right to the chase. From now until December 1, you can get the products on this page for a 50% discount.

That's right. Half off.

But only for a few more days.

We're featuring our Christmas Carol book/CD combo, which is for people who have either had one of our Instant Piano Workshops or who already know the chord system.

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But I don't want to leave anyone out. If you don't know the chord system, you can learn it easily if you choose the Popular Chord Style Piano program. And you might as well get The Season Christmas Carol program) too since they're both on sale at 50% off.

These programs come with CD's that easily guide you through the process.

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If you are a REALLY REAL beginner, you might want to add the Note Reading CD for just a $10 upgrade. You'll have a chance to add that with a single click when you get to the shopping cart. Music Reading CD Cover

Read all about it below.

Offer One: Popular Chord Style Piano

This is the book and CD program that started it all and is the backbone of all the Instant Piano classes. I'm proud to say we've gotten tens of thousands of these into circulation.

But what do you get out of that course?

Here's the promise I make to all my students. By the end of the course, very simply, you'll be able to play any song, any style, and in any key. And that's the promise I make to you too. Any song, any style, any key.

Both of these programs are on sale for a few days only.

Make sure you order off this page in order to get your 50% Discount.

Some Questions (and Answers)

Who is this for?
Popular Chord Style Piano is for just about anyone who doesn't already play the piano using chords. If you can find middle C on a piano and have had any kind of experience with reading very simple music, you're ready. The book even goes over some of these very simple basics at the beginning.

What if I really know nothing at all?
Then you will want to order the Music Reading CD for a special price as well. Details on that by clicking on the order button and reading the offer in the shopping cart.

So if I learn from this, won't I know enough already to play Christmas Carols too?
Yes. Like I said, "any song, any style, any key." Christmas music included.

So why would I need The Season (Christmas Carol) Program too?
For one thing, you will need the music. You will still be playing from sheet music for awhile, and you will need to know the names of the notes of the melodies and the correct chords that accompany them.

Is that all?
No. The Season program not only contains the sheet music for 18 of the world's best loved carols, it also has text that explains the differences between Christmas Carols and regular music. And you'll learn the differences between solo playing and piano accompaniment.

Is that all?
No. The Season program also includes TWO CD's. These CD's take you way beyond the basics of chord playing, and delve deep into the piano player's innermost secrets. For the first ten carols in the book, I break each song down and show you a particular accompaniment style for each one. This is the information that's hard to find anywhere else. In each of these songs I introduce one concept--either for the left hand or for the right hand--and show you in intricate detail how to execute them. Some are easy, some are more challenging, and all are doable.

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Offer Two: The Season with two CD's

We could stop here, and you would have what you need to learn songs right away. But consider picking up The Season while you're at it. Now you'll have a treasure trove of your favorite Christmas Carols to play year after year. There's probably still time to learn one or two in time for THIS Christmas too.

Anyway, the time to get it is now because 1) it's on sale (the 50% off applies to this program too), and 2) it won't raise the shipping costs at all.

In fact, you can order anything you want from our catalog for the same flat rate shipping price.

Anyway, just click on the "Add to Cart" button below to put The Season book with the two CD's in your cart. You can always change your mind later before you finalize the order.

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