Piano Retreat Placement Quiz

Our piano retreats feature three levels or learning tracks. We want to make sure you are placed in the track that is best for you. So we’ve devised this quiz to help us place you.
Please keep in mind that this will not be an exact science. And you are welcome to jump tracks any time you want if a certain topic or instructor appeals to you.

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1.  How many measures in a typical blues song?

2.  If a blues song is in the key of G, what would the chord in the fifth measure likely be?

3. What are the three basic chord types?

4. What is the 9th of an F9 chord?

5. What is the ii V I in the key of D?

6. You find an A7 within a song. Predict what the next chord might be?

7. What about the previous chord?

8. What notes are in a C blues scale?

9. Fill in the missing chord in the following sequence. Bb   Gm   ???   F7    Bb.

10. How do you make a major chord a minor chord?

11. How do you make a major chord a seventh chord?

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