We are very interested in what our students think of the piano retreats. We ask each one to fill out an evaluation at the end of the camp. Here are some unedited comments from excited students.

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Loved it.  Thanks for everything.  Staff was extremely giving and enthusiastic to help.  More than anything else, I got INSPIRATION.  This is possible to learn.  Party was great!  Tons of fun!  -Linda Reed, Utah

I loved being able to easily approach the instructors and that any question could be answered without feeling it wasn’t important.  I enjoyed so much being able to play and try out the techniques with singers.  I really loved this event and think it is a wonderful experience.  -Patty Woody, California

The main thing for me is motivation.  I am highly motivated to return home and apply what I have learned.  -Harry Logan, California

One of the highlights of the training was that I experienced the joy of exploring sounds that were different from those in the “fake books” but which I found were more interesting and beautiful.  Robert chose a setting (Camp Ocean Pines) and selected a tremendous team (Pam and Ken) that made this a memorable learning experience.  The other members attending were a fun and interesting group with whom to share the four days.  -Ray Atkins, Massachusetts

This was my second Piano Retreat, with Robert and Pam, and I was as impressed this time as I was last year.  The setting was beautiful, the food was great, but most of all the learning experience far exceeds the standard old-school “piano lessons”.  The classes were intense, challenging and FUN.  Robert, Ken and Pam are extremely talented musicians, and have a unique system for passing on their knowledge and talent to anyone who has the desire to learn how to play the piano.  The Saturday night Piano Bar was great fun.  Pam dazzled us with her clarinet, Robert and Ken alternated on the keyboard, guitar and drums, and any brave soul who wanted to could participate in the open mic session (and many did).  See you at the third annual retreat!  -Pam Andersen

An extremely good value.  -John McDonnell

 Here are some more comments from participants in the 2011 Piano Retreat

Being a total beginner, the amount I learned was nearly overwhelming. But, it was NOT too much. I am very pleased with the entire experience. I’m also very happy about the extremely positive experience it was for my son. I can’t think of a single complaint. Thanks very much. I look forward to improving my skills.
–Tim Gorman

I really enjoyed the opportunity to be with fellow piano players. I thought the camp was inspirational and gave me the spark to keep going.
–Pam Andersen

Really a quality experience with great, great people. Developed even more appreciation and inspiration to play, practice and enjoy even more.

I think this was a very worthwhile experience. I will come back again. It renewed my interest in the piano.
–Kenneth Koch 

Thank you for a very enjoyable experience. Over the last day I have had an over the top exposure and introduction to the fascinating world of playing music. It is a “wow” experience and I look forward to expanding on it. Count me in for 2012!
–Praveen Khilnani

I loved this weekend. This camp was an excellent continuation of the workshop.
–Rose Phillips

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve come home newly inspired….I had been quietly hiding in (my) band before but am now my new brave self. Pam, I particularly appreciated your encouragement and enthusiasm….I realized ths AM that I’m a “new” player. It was also wonderful hanging out with other piano enthusiasts. I was inspired to reach some of their levels and happy to show the beginners some of my skills. I hope to see them all next year. Thanks for it all.
–Leslie Horn

Had a great experience, so different and unique for me.
–Shirley Colino

 It was exactly what I needed to get back on track with piano. I’m excited!!

 Loved the open mic night. Fun for all.


These comments from participants in the Instant Piano 3-Hour Workshop
I wanted to let you know that I just received a call from a woman who took your two piano classes this past weekend at WCC and she was absolutely thrilled with the quality of them.  She said that the way you broke down the course material and explained things to the students was amazing, and that she couldn’t have been happier with you and the class.  So kudos to you!  It’s always good to hear nice things about our instructors and our courses, so I wanted to be sure to pass it along to you! Thanks so much for making the trek up here and teaching the course!
–Sarah Wood, Whatcom College

Yes, I will echo Sarah’s praises.  Your written evaluations were stellar! Thanks Robert for presenting such a great learning experience for the citizens of Whatcom County
— Linda Howson, Director of Community Services, Whatcom College

Mr. Laughlin, I really wish I could find a teacher that taught your program. I’ve had 2 teachers in the last 2 years since I bought my keyboard and finally am finding some success with your program.
–Randi Wright

Again, thanks a big bunch for offering your wonderful piano course in Bellingham recently.
–Mixie Eddie

Thank you for the class you taught at Portland Community College – it was really great and I can now say I am well on my way to playing the piano. Thanks so much!
–Ben Wu

Your technique is a godsend and simple; just breaking it down is such a joy from the old reading one note and measures at a time.

It was a great pleasure to take your class at Saddleback College last Saturday! It is a great invenstment on my part, and one that will yield many years of pleasure; I’m sure!  Now, after taking your class, I have a renewed interest in learning to play the fun way. Thank you for your enlightenment to a fun instrument.
–Xavier Martinez

Love it love it love it.  My fiance and I are learning Christmas music together for the first time (me on piano, him on his guitar) and advice like this helps us stumble through the process but laughing and enjoying all the while as we continue to get better.  Thanks for the insight and encouragement!  : )
–Cindy Holland

Thank you so much for sending me these newsletters..   I can say “you are the best piano teacher I have ever had”.. Thank you.
–Cindy Calix

 I ordered the entire 3-level ‘Package’ for my youngest grandson in Virginia BECAUSE I Know it’s a good deal and worth the price!  (I took your 1-day class at Saddleback College a few years ago and wish that you had been around teaching when I was in Junior High!)  Just think of all of those years that I could have been playing the piano instead of just wishing that I could!

I’m at level 3 thanks to your help. I took your piano for hopelessly busy people over 10 years ago at College of Marin and having been happily following you and your materials ever since. I look forward to diving into The Seasons for next steps.
–Leslie Horn

Your class and the materials my mom & I purchased were an incredible value… I’ve had a small keyboard gathering dust in the attic for about 25 years, but because of you, a 76-key keyboard and stand are now at the top of my Xmas wish list!
–Tanya Nelson

I want to tell you how much the various books and CDs I’ve ordered from you have so VERY MUCH changed how I play.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!  What an inspiration you are, Robert.  It’s so appreciated.
–Coni Reed


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