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What Can You Learn in a Day?

The very idea of learning to play music in one day flies in the face of everything we know about music. It’s lunacy! It’s blasphemy! It can’t be done!

We hear those objections from critics time and again. So what’s the truth?

The truth is if we consider only classical music, our critics are 100% correct. Learning to play classical style via notation reading takes years of relentless and dedicated struggle. In fact it takes several years of study before many can play something they would be proud to play in front of their friends.

However, our Pop Piano Workshop gives you the basic vocabulary and orientation you need to fulfill your musical destiny on your own. The workshop gives you the necessary tools and backs them up with strong encouragement. You will finally learn to play the piano in a very short period of time.

The workshop itself is a process of discovery. You will discover exactly how music is created. Then you go home armed with this understanding and put your fingers on the keys. From the very beginning you come to understand exactly what you need to do. And from your fingers you create musical sounds. You start a lifelong musical journey. And who can say where this journey may ultimately take you?

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