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We’re NSAM, The New School of American Music.

We teach people to play the piano.

But we’re a little different.

First, we specialize in teaching adults, not children.

Second, we only cover pop music, as opposed to classical.

Third, we believe one must learn through the aural process, not by reading information from a book.

Fourth, we believe you are your own best teacher. Some of the best musicians we’ve ever heard are “self taught.” We show you how to teach yourself.

Fifth, we respect your time. Instead of an indefinite series of weekly piano lessons, we concentrate the learning experience into short seminars audio CD's, cassettes and videos for home use.

We realize our teaching philosophies fly in the face of many commonly accepted teaching techniques. We mean no disrespect to the countless piano teachers who teach in the classical tradition. We merely offer an alternative.

If you are a music teacher, we welcome you to get acquainted with us and visit the piano teacher’s page. You may find us helpful in many ways. Most of our Workshop Leaders come from the classical teaching background and are using our system to enrich their classical programs.

This program was developed by Robert Laughlin. For Robert’s biography, click here.

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