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Blues Improvising Techniques Blues Improvising Techniques
This is the intermediate follow-up program to either the “How to Play Blues Piano Styles” program or the “Blatantly Basic Blues” video. It’s also highly recommended for anyone who understands the basic blues form on the piano. While the aforementioned products teach the basics of blues piano playing, this “Blues Improvising Techniques” audio CD teaches you how to add style and your own unique creative flair to the blues form. It’s also a basic introduction to the art of improvising in general. You will learn many of the secrets of the blues piano player as well as the art of thinking on your feet.

Do you think improvising is hard? Do you think it’s only for the extremely creative mind? Think again. It just might be for you.

Blues Improvising Techniques

Blues Improvising Techniques
For intermediate blues students. Follow-up course to Blues Piano Styles (above) or Blatantly Basic Blues (below). For students who can play a basic blues chorus on the piano, and want to go on.
One CD.

CD $14


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