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Continuing Chord Piano Continuing Chord Piano

Picks up where Popular Chord Style Piano leaves off. Reveals some of the best playing techniques of the pros (many of which are closely guarded secrets). The four audio programs are like having four complete programs. Simple Left Hand Variations presents over 20 examples of left hand alternatives. Simple Right Hand Variations reveals a dozen of the author’s favorite tricks of the trade for the right hand. Includes four song examples and a chord chart. The Major and Minor Chord Drills give you practice in learning what you need to know about the most important chords. Use these audio programs with or without a piano.

It’s the perfect pump-up for beginning pop piano players who are ready to shatter the barriers of mediocre playing. Get out of that rut, and start sounding like a pro! Intermediate.

This program is available in two different formats.

Continuing Chord Piano Continuing Chord Piano
This is the original version which includes a book and four audio CD's. Works in all audio CD players.

Book with four CDs

Continuing Chord Piano Continuing Chord Piano (mp3 version)
This is the mp3 version which includes a book and one CD with all four audio programs in mp3 format. Contains all the content of the original version. Works in most computers and most CD players. May not be compatible with older CD players.
One CD, book.

Book with one CD


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Donalda Ekhaml - Thursday, April 30 2015, 17:32
hello, I have the book Continuing Chord piano but it did not come with any CD's . Could I purchase just the 4 CD's/ Thank you, Donalda
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