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Power Chords

Power Chords
Starting from the beginning, you’ll learn where the simplest chords come from. But very quickly you’ll move into the fascinating world of chord substitutions. From the moment you start using these seductive chord sounds, your playing will never be the same again. It’s the kind of aural make-over that will turn heads.

Discover all about chord voicings, slash chords, sus, aug, dim, and inversions. Plus an introduction to the jazz voicings made famous by Bill Evans. You won’t be the same after this one. Intermediate to advanced level.

Power Chords How to Play Power Chords
Intermediate to advanced.
One CD and book.

Book with CD $29


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Donalda Ekhaml - Thursday, April 30 2015, 17:25
I already have the power Chords CD which I purchased in the Four Audio CD's. I have lost my book. Can I just purchase the book/ Thank you. Donalda
Makati - Friday, January 31 2014, 06:00
What Does This Sus Mean?
Makati - Friday, January 31 2014, 05:56
I Want To Know How To Play Piano


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