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The Season

The Season
The book has 16 of everybody’s favorite Christmas Carols, all in easy-to-play chord format with a brief playing guide before each song. If that were all, it would still be a nice addition to any piano player’s library. But it doesn’t stop there. The two CD's take ten of the carols past the basic playing structure and show you how to create fresher and more professional sounding arrangements. Each song reveals new material, either with the right hand, the left hand, or both. Each style is patiently explained and slowly demonstrated so you can pick up the styles quickly. Of course once you know a certain style for one song, it’s easy to apply it to other songs in your repertoire. It’s a fun way to improve the sound of your playing over all. Easy (book) to intermediate (CD's).

The Season The Season
All-time holiday favorites for accompaniment or soloing.
Book: beginning. Audios: intermediate.
Two CD's and songbook.

Book w/ 2 CD's $39

The Season The Season (Book Only)
All-time holiday favorites for accompaniment or soloing.
Book: beginning to intermediate.

Book only $15


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Ron - Thursday, December 4 2008, 21:29
Received The Season today. Already having fun with it and learning. Thanks.
Troy Vanderschel - Wednesday, October 25 2006, 19:53
I wanted to say thank you for the work you did on "The Season". As a beginner-intermediate chord style learner I have gotten alot out of your teaching. Troy Vanderschel


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