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Referrer Program Service Agreement

The following spells out the agreement, rules, and conditions under which you can operate as an associate of the Referrer Program. Please read it and agree to the terms before you submit your application. We've tried to keep this as concise and free of legalese as possible. However, if there is anything you don't understand, please contact us by email for clarification.

1) You must be at least 18 years old, a resident of the United States, and have control over your own web pages. The section of your web site that contains our links must have musical content of some sort. Furthermore, your web site must be free of offensive or objectionable content. It must not be sleazy. As this is a subjective matter, we will visit all member web sites and evaluatate them for content. If in our opinion, your site does not live up to our standards, your Affiliate membership will be terminated. Our decision will be final.

2) You will receive a 10% commission for all sales you generate. This rate applies only to sales of our piano teaching courseware. Any non-NSAM (New School of American Music) merchandise that may be offered on our we b site may be subject to a different rate structure.

3) You will be paid your commission once a month. If the balance due to you for any month is under $10, that balance will be transferred over to the following month and will be paid to you once the total amount due exceeds $10. Upon your termination of your membership in this program, you may request a check for any monies due.

4) You are prohibited from generating traffic by spamming (using unsolicited emails or news group postings). Violations will result in your being dropped from our associate program. If your actions cause us to run into any problems with our host provider, you will forfeit any commissions due to you at that time and will be billed for any loss of income we incur as the result of your actions. We've got to be tough here to protect everyone involved.

5) You may request customer information by notifying us in writing. Such information will be limited to customer's name, address, phone, e-mail address, date and amount of purchase. We do not provide credit card numbers. While you alone may use this information for subsequent marketing, you are absolutely prohibited from providing any of this information to third parties under any circumstances unless you obtain verifiable permission from the customer. Violating this agreement will subject you to civil and criminal penalties as provided for by law.

6) We reserve the right to change our prices, associate pay-structure, policies, and anything else without advanced notice. We also reserve the right to terminate this affiliate program at any time. Any changes to our program will be posted to this web site.

7) Refunds and charge backs. If any sales that are credited to you are legitimately reversed due to refund, credit card charge back, dishonored check, or for any other reason, the amount of the commission involved will be debited from your next monthly commission. If you don't have any commissions that following month, you will be billed for that amount.

8) Tracking Your Sales We are solely responsible for tracking the sales you make. You can check on your sales report at any time by using the special associate update URL that you will receive.

9) Problems with web server. We don't anticipate any problems, but if there are, we cannot be held responsible for technical difficulties that cause interruptions in service. You agree not to hold us liable for any occurrences or potential loss of sales that could theoretically arise from these interruptions in web site availability.

10) Anyone joining our Referrer Program becomes a customer. Associate commissions do not include future back-end sales to our existing customers - however, in the future new products may be added to our associate program for associates to promote and profit from.

11) Long Term Tracking. Any customer you send us receives a cookie which allows us to track the sale and give credit to you. These cookies are set to expire in three years. So even if your customer doesn't buy anything on his first visit, any time he makes a purchase from the web site within the following three years, you will be credited for it. Exception: If your customer subsequently visits the web site of another member of our affiliate program and then links to us from there, the cookie will be rewritten to reflect the new affiliate member. There can only be one cookie set on anyone's computer at one time. It would be extremely rare that such a scenario would occur. But if it does, we have no control. The most recent cookie gets the commissions.

12) In order to simplify our tracking process, you may only sign up for our associate program once. If you lose your original associate ID and/or password, please email and we'll supply it to you.

13) For tax purposes you are considered an independent contractor, not an employee of or its parent company The New School of American Music. You are responsible for calculating and paying your own taxes from the commissions you receive. Once you've earned enough that we are required to report your income ($600 per year), you will be contacted for your tax ID number. You will then receive an IRS 1099 form each January.


This agreement may be modified at any time by us, in our sole discretion, by modifying our web site. Continued participation in the Affiliate Program constitutes an agreement with its then-current rules and information, posted at our web site.

If you agree to all of the above, proceed to our signup area.


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