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One Minute Mini Lessons

These little One Minute Mini Lessons are designed to answer your questions about playing piano. They reflect the Instant Piano philosophy, and in many cases include ideas taken from our library of courseware. Specific references are given where appropriate.

You can browse the topics or read them all. This forum is designed to be ongoing. If you have any specific questions about piano, you can be a part of this. We welcome you to submit your questions to or else post them on our message board. We’ll do our best to answer questions personally, but due to volume, cannot make any guarantees.

Lesson I
Key of the Song

Lesson 2
Piano Accompaniment

Lesson 3
Blues Form (Part One)

Lesson 4
Blues Form (Part Two: Seventh Chord Variations)

Lesson 5
Blues Form (Part Three: The Blues in Other Song Forms)

Lesson 6
Classical Piano Lessons versus Pop Piano Lessons

Lesson 7

Lesson 8
Arpeggios, part 2

Lesson 9
Practice Regimen

Lesson 10
Practice (Part Two)

Lesson 11
Must I Play a Chord Every Measure?

Lesson 12
The Blues Scale

Lesson 13
The Blues Scale (continued)

Lesson 14
The Blues Scale: The Relation to Minor Chords

Lesson 15
The Blues Scale: How to Transpose It

Lesson 16
The Blues Scale: Using it in Major Keys

Lesson 17
Tuning Your Piano

Lesson 18
Do I Need to Know Chord Inversions?

Lesson 19
What Are the best Chord Inversions to Learn First?

Lesson 20
Where Do Major Chords Come From?

Lesson 21
Easy Christmas Songs

Lesson 22
More About Scales

Lesson 23
Scales and Minor Chords

Lesson 24
Sus chords

Lesson 25
Slash chords

Lesson 26
Five Slash Chord Playing Strategies

Lesson 27
Typical Slash Chord Progressions

Lesson 28
Play by Ear in Minor Keys

Lesson 29
More Confusion about Inversions

Lesson 30
Key changes and modulations

Lesson 31
Chords of a Higher Order

Lesson 32
Too Many Chords in a Measure, Part 1

Lesson 33
Too Many Chords in a Measure, Part 2

Lesson 34
The Third Inversion

Lesson 35
Right Hand Fingering, Part One

Lesson 36
Right Hand Fingering, Part Two (Improvising)


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