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Organizational Structure

Even though all our Workshop/Seminar Leaders are independent business people, we want you to be aware of the ongoing support and guidance we provide. The following briefly explains how our organizational structure is set up.

Workshop Leaders

Workshop Leaders are independent business people. The New School of American Music trains Workshop Leaders to teach and market piano workshops. We also write and publish courseware that Workshop Leaders sell at a profit.

Although Workshop Leaders are not bound by The New School of American Music’s policies, they are asked to abide by our Code of Ethics. The New School of American Music does not assign territories, and Workshop Leaders are encouraged to work close to home in order to maximize their effectiveness and profits. Research has shown that starting close to home and expanding methodically from that point provides maximum efficiency and leads to the best profit potential. Nonetheless occasional travel or the opportunity to mix business with pleasure away from home is feasible if done on a limited basis.

Home Office - Chico, CA

Our Home Office is dedicated to promoting personal and professional fulfillment of Workshop Leaders. In addition to providing training to Workshop Leaders, we are developing new teaching opportunities and expanding our catalog of course materials.

Although our policy is one of non interference with a Workshop Leader’s business, we disseminate marketing knowledge and support via written updates, newsletters, updates on CD, call-in days when Workshop Leaders can speak directly to Robert Laughlin, and provide an entire section on our web page exclusively for our Workshop Leaders which is only accessible with a password.


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