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Frequently Asked Questions

How successful is this business opportunity program for the Workshop Leader?
I would like to be able to say that everybody who signed up to be a workshop leader succeeded. But of course that didn’t happen. In fact some people signed up, and then we never heard from them again. I wish I knew the reason for that.

But I will say that the last time I checked the stats, about 50% of those who got certified made a successful go of it, as determined by the fact that they reordered inventory after their initial inventory was depleted. That’s a 50% success rate. I challenge anyone in the business opportunity industry to claim a better one. However, because we are going to be a lot more discriminatory about who we select for this program, we’re planning on the success rate to be much higher. We’re shooting for 100%.

In that earlier program you never had interviews or auditions or in person training. Why now?
Simply because we want to have the best possible people working with us. We are looking at this as a partnership. We think we know how to identify the kind of piano player/teacher who will do well in this business, and those are the ones we will select. The interview and audition process will help us find those people. And the training program will help guarantee their success.

What are the steps involved in becoming selected as a Workshop Leader?
If your resume meets with our approval, you will be asked to submit a short application. The application will be evaluated, and if favorable, we will set up a phone interview. We’d like to do the interview in person, but we are headquartered in rural Northern California, and realize travel may be difficult. So we can do the interview by phone, or by video conferencing.

The interview will be evaluated and may lead to a playing audition. This can be done by phone or video conferencing too. Don’t worry, you won’t have to demonstrate complete piano virtuosity in the audition. In fact, over virtuosity can work against you. Instead we’ll be looking for basic competence in playing pop piano from a lead sheet. We’ll also evaluate your knowledge of chords and general music theory.

What is the training process?
Training will focus on three general areas: the mechanics of setting up a workshop business, the actual teaching of the workshop, and marketing techniques. Our future as a business as well as yours depends on how effective you are in class at selling our fine materials. THIS IS NOT--REPEAT NOT--TO BE A HIGH PRESSURE COUNTY FAIR TYPE OF SALES HYPE. Rather it’s a very low key three minute presentation in the class designed to inspire rather than annoy. Learn to do this presentation right, and it will mean hundreds of extra dollars per day (thousands per month) in your pocket. A good sales attitude is a must in this business, and we will be looking for it in the evaluation process.

How long will it take to get trained?
Upon acceptance to the program, you will receive a training kit consisting of audio and video media as well as pre printed forms, letters, documents, scripts. There are six CD’s that take you through all the steps. The tasks are simple and easy to accomplish. You will start making calls and writing letters right away. Filling up your calendar is pretty simple to do. Once you have a schedule you can start learning how to teach the workshop itself. Once again, it’s a pretty simple process.

You will have access to Robert Laughlin on a regular basis. With teleconferences you will learn right along with other Workshop Leader trainees how to master the program.

What about ongoing training?
Like playing an instrument, the learning process for our Workshop Leaders is ongoing. Once you’ve completed the required basic training, you will be invited to continue with optional training. We schedule regular times each month that you are invited to call in with questions. You’ll get to speak directly with Robert Laughlin, the creator of this teaching and marketing system. Pick his brain without getting charged consulting fees.

You will receive regular newsletters. You’ll be invited to attend Robert’s piano workshops any time you want. And he schedules timely teleconferences when there is a need.

We have also had National Weekend Conferences you can attend to learn all the latest news and techniques about the business.

In short you will have ample opportunity for optional on-going training and education, and it will either be free or else minimal cost.

What is the investment?:
When we started making our program available to music teachers back in 1990, the cost to come on board was $5000. Today, almost 20 years later it’s still $5000. Yes, it’s a substantial amount. However, compared to similar business opportunities, it’s a relative steal. Your investment will include not only all the training and certification that goes into become a Workshop Leader, but we will also provide you with enough inventory for 30 students, including a head start on your back of the room inventory. When you sell the inventory, you will generate over $2000 right back into your pocket. So it will start paying off very soon.

What else do I get?:
Once you are on board you will be invited to become a Super Affiliate on the web site, which entitles you to a 35% commission on any sales you refer to our web site. You may have access to hundreds, or even thousands of new students a year. So sales can be lucrative without your having to do much effort at all.

You will also get the password to our Workshop Leader Only portion of the web site. Here you will find dozens of teaching tools and sales tools to make your business run smoothly and lucratively.

You will also get your own page on our web site to advertise your workshops. Your workshops will get exposure at no additional cost to you, on an ongoing basis.

So what do you think? Is it time to give this a try?

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