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How to Apply to Become a Seminar Leader

Want to take this to the next level? Here is the process.

Step One: Complete Application
This is fairly straightforward. We want to know a little about you, your education, your experiences, your job history, your musical history, and about you as a person. It’s like a job app, but we try to make it a little friendlier and easier to use. Click here for an on-line application in pdf form.

Step Two: Audition and Interview
If your application looks good, we’ll want to know about your piano playing abilities. We'll discuss this matter over the phone. If there are questions pertaining to your playing, we can resolve them at that time. What we’re looking for is basic keyboard knowledge from a chord point of view and an ability to demonstrate certain basic concepts on a piano.

During the interview we will ask a lot of questions, because we want to make sure you’ll do well as a presenter. The next steps will involve some investment of time and money on both our parts, and we want to make certain you are a good fit for us and vice versa before proceeding.

Step Three: Acceptance, Certification, and Training
Once you pass the Interview phase, you will be invited to join our organization and train with us. You will receive training materials that consist of audio and video media. There will also be teleconferences with plenty of opportunity for Q and A. You will also have the option of attending workshops from Robert Laughlin to see first hand how it’s done.

Although you will not be an employee or official representative of The New School of American Music, you will nevertheless be representing our products and brand identity. We want to make sure our program is a good match for you all the way around, and we expect you to expect the same from us.

We are looking for a very long term relationship and we will strive to do everything in our power toward making you successful. Thus, we are only going to accept those candidates that we feel will do well. Most of our active Workshop Leaders have been with our program between 10 and 15 years. A few even longer. That's the kind of relationship we are looking for.

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